Marbles on Stream - Season Rules

Every game has em, so we gotta list em.

It is important to have some sort of structure when giving away prizes.  As simple as a game or Marbles may seem... there is some sorting out to do when it comes to giving away things.  It is for this reason that over the past little while, I have been trying to figure out a way to solve all the issues.  First and foremost, starting October 2020, we stopped basing prizes on Loyalty Points.  We have decided to put the prizes strictly into the Marbles Season, this way First, Second and Third all get prizes.  The reason for this is no matter how I put it, the first place Marbles winner has a very very good chance of getting the loyalty points win as well.  So, Begone Faulty Foul Loyalty Point System!

Second, all these rules are subject to change, but only at the start of a season... It would not be fair to go and change all the rules half way through, now would it.  So these rules are the current rules, as of October 2020 (RNG Season 3)

Rules of the game

  • Winners cannot win two months in a row

  • In case of a tie, a single race will be conducted as a tie breaker

  • If the first place winner does not play videos games, or refuses the prize, they can opt for merchandize instead.  At which point the game of the month is offered to second place.  And finally to third place if second place refuses.  If all places refuse, the game will be held till the next month.

  • Winners are determined by LOCAL SEASON POINTS ONLY as we run points a little different than the real Marbles on Stream Seasons.

  • Prizes are divvied up as follows: 
    First Place - Game of the Month (chosen by Revelnode) Value Ranges,
    Second Place - Revelnode T-Shirt (classic tee), Valued at ~$35 CAD,
    Third Place - Revelnode Mug, Valued at ~$20 CAD.

  • IMPORTANT:  Some keys are locked to the North American Region.  If you live outside of North America, and you win first place, you will be awarded merchandize instead and the game will be offered down the line (2nd place, then to third, and then postponed till the month after if no takers)